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Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Formation of wrinkles is through muscle movement such as making facial expressions or smiling. The substances that keep our skin fresh and smooth diminish with age making lines more prominent. There are two types of lines:

Anti-wrinkle or wrinkle relaxation is using a medicine derived from bacteria to stop the muscles contracting. It creates a fresher, rejuvenated appearance by preventing lines from appearing and with repeated treatments, stopping new lines forming.

The approved areas to treat are:

Treatment involves injecting the area with a very fine needle. The process takes around 10 minutes with early effects beginning to show after 2-3 days. Full effect is achieved around 7 days after treatment. There is usually minimal discomfort for patients.

The dose and specific treatment will depend on the individual and how severe your lines are. Patients can expect effects to last anywhere from 4-6 months.

There are many misconceptions regarding anti-wrinkle injections. The ‘frozen Hollywood look’ is not the desired aim and people who look ‘odd’ have often had other treatments.

Side effects from this treatment in a majority of cases are very mild and temporary.

Botulinum toxin A as been used in Australia since 1993 and is used for a range of facial problems and movement disorders and has been approved for use in young children for some conditions. Treatment options include:

Initial consultations are for 30 minutes if you would like injections done at the same time. Subsequent appointments only require 15 minutes. Appointments to discuss treatment options with no injections are at no charge and take approximately 15 minutes.

Cost will vary depending on the individual and type of treatment. You will be given a clear quotation prior to any treatment. You may find the following guide useful: